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Safe, Cost-Effective & Professional Oil Spill Cleaning

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Oil Spill Cleaning

Spilltech Environmental Ltd specialises in oil spill cleaning services across Ireland, offering eco-friendly, safe, and cost-effective oil spillage cleaning using bioremediation.

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Spilltech Environmental Ltd is one of Ireland’s only bioremediation services, cleaning oil spillage and leaks in a safe, effective, and eco-friendly manner in comparison to traditional dig and dump cleaning.

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Case Studies

Browse through our case studies with past clients here, documenting oil spill cases and the professional measures we have taken to remove and clean the oil spill in a safe and budget-friendly manner.

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Our Clients

Our clients range from domestic clients experiencing home oil leaks to larger public bodies and county councils who require oil removal and cleaning services. We tailor our products and services to suit your individual needs.

Spilltech Environmental Ltd is the only Oil Spill Company in Ireland to issue a written guarantee on all of our services

About Spilltech Environmental Ltd

Based in Monaghan and offering professional oil cleaning services across Ireland, Spilltech Environmental Ltd is a professional and specialist oil spillage clean-up service offering bespoke, engineered, and modern bioremediation services across Ireland for spilled heating oil, petrol, and diesel. We always deliver the most effective and appropriate solutions to satisfy all our client’s needs, with a professional and highly trained team equipped with the latest and modern oil spill clean-up technology on hand. As one of Ireland’s only oil spill cleaning companies that uses bioremediation exclusively, we guarantee a safe and eco-friendly service that works quickly and is more cost-effective than traditional “dig and dump” oil cleaning. We understand that it can be stressful dealing with the aftermath of an oil spill on your property, which is why we engage with our clients and keep you informed throughout the whole bioremediation process.

Sarva Bio Remed Oil Spill Cleaning Products

As well as our call-out services, Spilltech Environmental Ltd is Europe’s only supplier of Sarva Bio Remed oil spill cleaning and maintenance products. These products can be used safely at home and are a biological oil cleaning and removal product designed to safely and effectively remove oil spills while also removing any odours associated with the spill.

What to Do when you Notice an Oil Spill

Have you noticed an oil spill on your property? We outline what to do to minimise the damage and how to begin the bioremediation clean-up process.

Oil Spill Cleaning Procedure

Our oil spill cleaning experts provide information on our extensive 3-step cleaning procedure. This removes all the fuel contamination from the soil and any lingering odours.

Bioremediation Blog

Bioremediation images

What is Bioremediation used for?

This blog discusses how bioremediation is used to remove pollutants from the ground and soil.

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Bioremediation. What is it?

Bioremediation uses natural microbes to remove pollutants like fuel and oil from soil and the ground.

A polluted lake that requires bioremediation

History of Bioremediation

It may surprise some, but bioremediation was first discovered in the 1960s. This blog tracks the history of bioremediation.

Client Testimonials

"…within minutes it began to work the smell of oil fumes were beginning to go away and within 24 hours you could no longer smell that there was an oil spill problem, it really worked and didn’t mask it.."

Client Testimonials

"Upon arrival the technicians sprayed down the oil stained garage floor and structural lumber and went to lunch. When they came back about 40 minutes later the odor was gone…. In closing I would say I was very happy with the product and also the service"

Client Testimonials

"I used your product on the affected area (fuel oil spill in the basement) and I am happy to say there’s now no trace of odour. This is an excellent product. I had nearly given up on this problem and was fortunate in contacting your company. Many many thanks. "

Client Testimonials

"We are extremely impressed with the performance of your product. Sarva Bioremediation did an excellent job removing the petroleum hydrocarbons from water as indicated in test results."

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