It is not yet known when was oil first discovered or how was it used for the first time. However, it is beyond any doubt that discovery of oil is one of the milestone discovery of human civilization. Fossil fuel, popularly categorised as petrol or diesel are widely used for purposes like running of vehicles of any type, which include aeroplanes, cars, buses, ships and even submarines. Infact, oil is used for cooking purpose as well. This does not mean fossil fuel is used in cooking. The fire used for cooking is lit with the help of fossil fuel.

Popular usage of oil

Starting from the historical ages, oil is one of the deciding factors about the power of any country. Even till date different countries fight with each other because of the right of oil. Oil was predominantly used for vehicles. Different types of vehicles use oil for their proper running. Oil is used for flying aeroplanes, running of cars, buses, bikes and other vehicles that run on land. Ships and submarines which are water based vehicles also require fuel for proper running. Now the thing is that use of oil is not only restricted to vehicles. Electricity is supplied to the household and the power stations require oil for generating electricity. Infact oil is also used by the household as fuel for cooking.

Supply of oil

Oil is supplied to the household via pipelines. These pipelines generally come to the house from underground. These pipelines tend to get damaged often. Thus, these pipelines ooze out oil from beneath the ground. As a result of this, the problem of oil spill occurs. Spilling of oil is not only hazardous, but also dangerous. Thus cleaning up oil spills is an essential work that has to be done without wasting any time. If the oil spill retains for more days, then the problem of catching fire can cause damage to the household. Thus the problem must be resolved as soon as possible.

Ways of cleaning oil spills

Cleaning up oil spills are done by different companies all over the world. These companies provide service to the household in the best possible ways. The executive of these companies visit the household as soon as they get the news of oil spills. Then they excavate the area and then see the exact area of oil spill. The executives use different solutions to solve the problem. Then after five to seven days the executives again visit the area and see if the problem is solved from the core. If the problem is not solved then the team excavate the area and seal the area to solve the problem permanently.