Use of oil is very common throughout the world. Oil is used for almost every purpose in a household. For example, oil is used as fuel for cooking, for vehicles, for cleaning greasy dirts and for many other purposes. For all these reasons, oil is one of the most important part of human civilization. Without oil the world would come to a stand still. Thus, constant supply of oil is necessary for running a proper household. Due to the high demand of oil, this is one of the most expensive things available in the world.

Supply of Oil

Oil is fossil fuel. Thus, the source of oil is from beneath the soil. In many countries oil is supplied to the household via pipelines. This oil is used as fuel for cooking purpose. The government charges some value for the constant supply of oil to the household. In many occasions it has been seen that the supply of oil is interrupted due to the leakage of oil from the pipelines. Often there are cracks in the pipelines. Due to this the oil start to leak. This causes spilling of oil in the household and the adjoining areas.

Consequences of Oil Spill

Spilling of oil can be dangerous enough to cause any accident. Oil is the most common fuel that is used all over the world. So, if there is spilling of oil in the household, then there is high chance that the area can catch fire. This causes destruction of property and human lives. Consumption of the smell of the oil can also cause breathing trouble among the inmates of the area. People can even skid and fall and be victim of injury due to oil spillage. Thus the issue of oil spillage must be solved as soon as possible.

How to do Oil Spill Clean Up

Various companies give solutions for oil spill. They clean up the area. If there is any area where there is oil spillage, then these companies visit the area as soon as they receive call from the affected area. The representatives of the companies investigate the area and use different types of chemicals to solve the problem. If the smell of the oil still persists, then they use vacuum cleaners to extract out the smell. After five to seven days the representatives again visit the area. If the problem still sustains, then the engineers of the company come to the area. They dig up the area to find out the exact area of the oil spill. Then they repair the pipelines to permanently solve the problem of oil spillage. These are some of the ways how the companies help in oil spill clean up.