Oil is an integral part of human civilization. Without oil the daily works of human civilization would come to a stand still. Oil is the most important form of fuel in modern days. It is used for cooking purpose, for running of vehicles, ships, aeroplanes and even spacecrafts. Oil is used for both domestic purpose and outside the house. Electricity is also generated using oil. For all these reasons oil cannot be ignored by anyone. Oil has become part of our life. Without oil, life cannot proceed. Thus it is our responsibility not to waste oil and conserve it for for proper usage.

Oil: Deciding Factor for Economy

Economy of any country is largely dependent on the amount of oil it has in its jurisdiction. Petroleum, also known as “Black Gold” is one of the deciding factors of the economy of a country. In modern world many wars are fought between countries to decide about the oil inheritance of the countries. Any country which has abundance of oil can sell it to the world market and earn huge profit. This is the reason that different countries try to win the right of the oil mills and gain profit out of it. As a result this leads to war among the countries.

How oil is wasted

Often oil is wasted due to the negligence of people. War takes place for oil, however, no one cares that due to this war missiles are launched, tanks are used, and basic requirements of the soldiers are sent via vehicles, aeroplanes or ships. All these require huge amount of oil. Thus war over oil is actually causing wastage of oil. Most of the people who have their own vehicle use them to travel even the shortest distance. People can use one car and take few more people along while travelling to the same destination, like office to reduce use of oil and thus help in reduction of pollution. Thus in these ways oil wastage can be stopped. Another way of wasting oil is spillage of oil from pipelines and not taking proper care of it. This can even cause fatal accidents.

Oil Spill Remediation

There are various companies which provide help for oil spillage. These companies send their representatives to solve the problem. They use oil spill remediation process to solve the problem. They use bacteria in the affected area to dissolve the smell of the oil. This process does not require digging. Thus oil spill remediation is one of the safest process to solve oil spillage.