Often it is said that proper oiling can solve many problems, and can heal the biggest wound in the world. Thus, it can be easily said that oil is one of the most important element of the world. Oil is one of the deciding factors of the economic status of the countries around the world. Often the leaders of these countries fight against each over the issue of oil, that is, which country has the highest amount of oil deposit.

Domestic use of oil

One of the most important domestic use of oil the use for cooking purpose. Oil extracted from mustard, sunflower, soya beans, etc are used for cooking purpose. Other types of oil like kerosene, petrol, diesel, etc are used as fuel. These oil are derived from fossils which are found beneath the soil, mostly in the sedimentary rocks.

Oil Supply in most European countries

In most of the European countries the oil is supplied through pipelines to the households. These are used as fuel for cooking purpose. The government charges certain amount of money for the supply of oil to the household.

Domestic oil clean-up in Ireland

Supply of oil through pipelines often causes damage of pipelines and leakage of oil. This is quite dangerous as this may cause fire in and around the affected area. There are some companies which help in domestic oil clean-up in Ireland. These companies provide professional help to the people who suffer from the problem of oil spills.

Ways of domestic oil clean-up in Ireland

There are some companies which provide help for domestic oil clean-up in Ireland. These companies have gained fame due to their excellent service and highly professional attitude. As soon as these companies are informed about the oil spills in any area in Ireland, they send their representatives to solve the problem. The representatives initially have a look at the affected area. They look for the reason of the leakage. By the use of vacuum cleaners the pungent smell of the oil is removed. The representatives use different bioremediation products to solve the problem. After almost one week the representatives again visit the affected area. If still the problem persists, then engineers and plumbers are sent to the area. These people excavate the area to solve the problem. Causing least disturbance, the excavated area is repaired and the problem of oil spill clean-up is done within few days.