There is no doubt that oil is one of the most important elements in the world in modern days. Starting from cooking to transport to cleaning, everywhere oil is required. Thus we can never ignore the importance of oil. Infact, we have to acknowledge the importance of oil. This is the reason we must always try to use oil in the proper way, without any wasting in any way. Oil is a natural element. Thus if it is not used in proper way, then a time may come when the world will suffer from deficit of oil. Oil being one of the types of conventional energy, is limited as a resource. For this reason, oil must be used wisely, without wasting. Conservation of oil will help the entire world to use it for longer days.

Different Uses of Oil

Oil is used in different ways. For example, edible oil is used for cooking purpose. Oil is also used as fuel for cooking food. Oil is also used as fuel for vehicles. Vehicles which run over land, such as bus, taxi, cars and many more move from one place to another by using oil like petrol and diesel. Airplanes also fly by using oil. Ships and submarines also use oil as the fuel. Oil like kerosene is often used to lit fire. Oil is often used for cleaning as well. For example, oil is used for cleaning dirt and grease. Even for the purpose of dry cleaning oil such as petrol is used. Oil is also used to manufacture makeup items. Infact oil is also used for removing makeup. Thus it can be easily said that oil is used for every aspect of life.

Supply of oil

Oil is obtained from plants, animals and from beneath the soil. Oil which is available from plants are sunflower oil, soya bean oil, mustard oil and many more are used as edible oil. Butter is also one form of oil which is obtained from animal. This is also one type of edible oil. Oil such as diesel and petrol is obtained from beneath the soil, mainly from the sedimentary rocks.

Ways to clean up oil spills

There are different ways to clean up oil spills. When there is oil spill in any area, the representatives of the clean up company visit the affected area. They use vacuum cleaners to suck out the smell of the oil. After few days the representatives again visit the area along with the engineers and plumbers to investigate the area. If the area is still affected, then the engineers and plumbers dig up the area. They use eco-friendly process like using bacteria to clean up the oil spills from the root. These companies are open seven days a week and are very popular all over Europe.