Oil being one of the most important element in the world, is one of the most expensive as well. This is the reason that people all over the world is in constant war to get the power over the oil manufacturing areas of the world. Having power over oil means having power over the whole world. Thus oil is often compared with gold. Oil is used for almost every purpose of life. Such as, for cooking oil is used as fuel. Vehicles run from one place to another by the help of oil. In case there is strong dirts in any clothes, floors, walls, windows, etcetera, oil is use to clean up the area. Thus, it can be said that oil is one of the most important and indispensable part of the modern life.

Supply of oil

Oil is supplied to the household by various means. In the Indian subcontinent, oil like kerosene is supplied by the government. There are few shops which provide monthly ration like rice, wheat, sugar and many more. In addition to this, the shops also provide kerosene oil to the people. Vehicles can refill the oil from the oil pumps. In the European countries, the oil is supplied by pipelines, which run from underneath the soil. This is mainly used for cooking purpose. However, the oil which is used for vehicles can be obtained from the oil pumps.

Cleanup methods for oil spills

When the oil is supplied through the pipelines, the pipes often get cracked. This can be dangerous as the oil can catch fire. In addition to this any person can skid over the oil and get injured. To avoid these types of accidents, various companies all over the world have come up with various oil spill cleanup methods. These companies provide help throughout the week. As soon as there is oil spill in any area, the company must be informed. The company sends the representatives who visit the are. They investigate about the real cause of the oil spill. Then accordingly they use the suitable oil spill cleanup methods. At first, vacuum cleaners are used to remove all the oil and the obnoxious smell of the oil. The representatives again visit the area after few days to see the situation of the place. If the problem still persists, then the engineers and the plumbers are sent to the area. They dig up the area and replace the pipes to stop the oil spills. Eco-friendly bacterias are used to solve the problem from the root. These bacterias help in stopping the oil spills as well as removes the smell from the area.