Oil is such an important part of the modern life, that we cannot think of life without oil. The first priority of every creature in this world is food. Other than human beings, all other creatures have their food raw. However, since human beings have started to be civilized, they started consuming food in cooked form. Initially human beings used to burn the food items and have them. As time passed by there came use of spices, condiments and other ingredients. Gradually oil is being used for frying the food items. In olden days only dry leaves, stems and roots were used to lit the fire for cooking. As time passed by, there came the use of oil as fuel. Kerosene, petrol, diesel, etcetera are used as fuel for cooking. Thus in most of the cases oil is used as fuel rather than any other elements.

Ways to supply oil

Oil is supplied in the different parts of the world in different ways. For example, in the Asian countries, oil is available from the gas stations. However this type of oil is mainly used for cars and vehicles. Other than this the government provide oil like kerosene via the shops which have the licence to sell the oil. This is mainly used in the kitchen as fuel. Countries in the western hemisphere of the world get their oil supply through the pipelines which run from beneath the surface of the earth. These pipelines are connected to the kitchen and there is regular supply of oil in the kitchen.

Reasons of oil leak

There are various reasons why oil can get leaked. Firstly, if there is a construction going on, then due to excavation the pipelines can get damaged. This can cause oil leakage. Oil leakage can also occur if there is any type of natural calamity such as earthquake. This can lead to problem like accidental fire, slippery floor, etcetera. Thus, the problem of oil leak must be solved to avoid any such accident.

Ways to stop oil leak

The best ways of oil leak stop is to contact the companies who provide help from these types of problems. These companies provide help by sending their representatives to the affected area. They use the vacuum cleaners to clean the area and remove the smell from the root. These representatives again visit the area after few days. If the problem still persists, then the engineers and plumbers of the company dig the area and use eco friendly chemicals and bacteria to solve the problem from the core.