Use of different types of chemical for any purpose has become a trend these days. This is making the world a toxic place to live in. Thus it is our responsibility to see that less amount of chemical is being used for any cause. Let us see how chemical is used for different purposes. For example, chemical is used for preserving food items or for packaged food. Certain chemicals are used for manufacturing clothes such as nylon and other synthetic clothings. House building materials are also made of different types of chemicals. In a way we can say that the chemicals are used in almost every purpose of life. This is not only making the world a toxic place to live in, but also causing harm to the entire plant and animal world. For this reason we must try our best to use chemical as less as possible. This can be possible if we use different types of eco-friendly items which would cause less harm to the world. This would help the present generation as well as the generations who would come up in the future. Thus, we must help us and the world around us to be safe and secure from chemical invasion.

Ways of oil spill clean up

In most of the western countries, the oil is supplied to the household through the pipelines. Often these pipelines get cracked and the oil starts spilling. In such cases few companies come up to provide help. These companies send their representatives to the area. These representatives investigate about the area. They use vacuum cleaners to remove the smell from the area. After few days the company sends plumbers and engineers to investigate about the situation of the area. If the problem still persists, then they dig the ground and by using natural bioremediation process, they try to solve the problem from the root.

Bioremediation Process

The engineers and plumbers of the company dig up the area if they see that the situation of the area is not still under control. They use different types of bacterias which are safe for nature to solve the problem of oil spill. These bacterias are planted in the ground of the affected area. These bacterias in turn help in removing the smell of the oil and also helps in stopping the problem of oil spill. Thus these companies also try their best to use the natural remedies and eco-friendly products to solve the problem of oil spill.