We offer Bioremediation suitable for the safe, effective, and thorough removal of oil and fuel spills


Bioremediation is an innovative form of oil spill cleaning which uses aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to consume oil, completely removing the oil and odour in a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly manner. Here at Spilltech Environmental Ltd, our team are experts in the oil cleaning industry, providing high-quality services that put your peace of mind and the safety of your property at the heart of everything we do.

Our Bioremediation Products contain naturally-occurring bacteria that can consume oil and all odours at an astonishing rate. This is primarily achieved due to the patented (US Patent: 6,267,888) delivery mechanism that enables the bacteria to overcome the acclimatization barrier during the initial phase of the spill through bio dispersion. This sets in motion a process of accelerated bioremediation that results in almost 90% reduction of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) within 3 weeks’ time. These microbes consume the oil by converting them into harmless water and carbon dioxide through bio dispersion and assimilation.

Once the contaminating oil or food for microbes is consumed, the bacteria die a natural death, without leaving behind any residue for disposal. Our products contain naturally occurring bacteria and do not contain any genetically modified forms. By using bioremediation to remove oil spills, your property is not affected by traditional methods of digging or physical damage, meaning a cheaper, quicker, more reliable, and safer form of oil cleaning for your space.

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How Bioremediation Works

Oil spills are not complicated and a good specialist company like Spilltech Environmental Ltd will issue a report quickly. While it may feel like a disastrous situation at the time, the project, no matter how severe, should normally be completed in 6 to 8 weeks with minimal disruption. SpillTech Environmental offers a fixed price quotation and a series of steps to take to ensure a successful service:
• Before visiting, we contact the property owner by telephone immediately and give general advice on what to do to minimise damage before we visit.
• Following on from this, our team of oil spill specialists will visit the site quickly, usually within 2 days maximum anywhere in Ireland. This will involve a walkover and an intrusive site investigation, to detail the cause of the leakage and spread of the contamination below ground and mitigating measures to prevent it from spreading further.
• If strong oil smells are persistent with in property a vacuum extraction pump will be installed to alleviate the fumes within on a temporary basis.
• During your oil spill clean-up service, we will use a range of cutting-edge biological products to remove all oil from any materials and avoid damage in a non-invasive, quick, and cost-effective manner.
• Following on from your bioremediation service, our team ensures to issue a detailed site investigation report within 5 to 7 days. We can also issue a written guarantee on any of our services.

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Being recognised as one of Ireland's premier and well-established bioremediation firms, we frequently receive inquiries from our existing and prospective clients regarding the bioremediation procedure.
To provide convenience, we have curated a list of frequently asked questions.


History of Bioremediation

In recent times, bioremediation has gained considerable attention in the media. Numerous publications have started featuring articles and discussions about bioremediation. This increased coverage might have led the general public to believe bioremediation is a novel process. However, bioremediation was discovered several decades ago. In this article, we will delve into the historical background of bioremediation.

What is Bioremediation used for?

As the leading bioremediation providers in Ireland, we frequently receive inquiries about bioremediation. It's a valid question since "bioremediation" is not commonly used in everyday conversations. Although the term might seem unfamiliar, bioremediation is a straightforward process involving natural techniques to eliminate environmental pollutants.

Bioremediation. What is it?

We provide a specialised service, bioremediation, available to clients throughout Ireland. However, the term "bioremediation" may not be commonly understood. We frequently receive inquiries from clients seeking clarification on what exactly bioremediation entails. This blog aims to provide a straightforward explanation of bioremediation in the simplest terms possible.

Bioremediation FAQ