Oil Spill Cleaning

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Oil Spill Cleaning

Experiencing an oil spillage or oil leak on your property can be devastating, damaging structures, belongings, and land. Here at Spilltech Environmental Ltd, we offer specialist oil spillage cleaning services to bring your property back to its former glory after experiencing oil damage.
In our oil spill cleaning services, we only use a practice known as bioremediation, which is a modern and innovative method of oil removal that’s more eco-friendly, cheaper, and more efficient than traditional dig-and-dump oil removal.
Bioremediation involves the use of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to dissolve the contamination naturally, eliminating odour and staining. Rather than the invasive digging used in traditional oil removal services, bioremediation involves making a series of boreholes in the property to identify the location and the extent of the oil contamination before using products to eliminate it. Bioremediation is a faster process than digging and it does not require the removal of material making it a more eco-friendly and less expensive alternative.

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How We Conduct our Oil Cleaning Services

In-Depth Site Survey

After contacting Spilltech Environmental Ltd, we visit your property ASAP and conduct an in-depth site survey to understand the full extent of oil damage and plan the necessary steps to take next.

Complete Project Management

Whether you require oil clean-up services for a domestic spillage or want to hire a company to work alongside your insurance provider, we can help, offering full project management for all parts of the cleaning and oil removal process.

Full Cleaning & Bioremediation Services

Using bioremediation, we offer full oil spill clean-ups and oil leak cleaning including full odour removal suitable for spills caused by kerosene, diesel, petrol, and other oils.

Bespoke Reporting & Client Follow-Ups

Following on from your oil cleaning service, we ensure a bespoke follow-up for each client, checking in to ensure your oil spill and odour is fully removed and also working alongside public bodies and insurance companies to offer in-depth reporting.

Oil Spill Bioremediation

As a long-established and professional oil spill cleaning service, Spilltech Environmental Ltd only uses bioremediation to help clean up oil spills, reduce damage, and banish odours. Bioremediation works by using bacteria to remove oil spills caused by kerosene, petrol, and diesel, and is a safe and eco-friendly method of removing spilled oil from land.

By using bioremediation in all of our oil spill cleaning services, we ensure a thorough, safe, and reliable service that won’t cause further damage to your property or the environment.

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