What to do with an Oil Leak?

  • Turn off oil at oil tank

  • Turn off the oil burner at time clock or on/off switch

  • Absorb excess oil with sawdust/newspapers/cloth

  • Notify your insurance company

Dig & Dump

Dig & Dump literally means digging out the contamination and dumping it in a landfill site. It is not very pleasant for the consumer to have someone enter their home and literally dig up the floor in front of them! It is a successful method. Nevertheless, it can take a long time to eliminate all the material and it is considerably more expensive.

Bio Remediation

This involves the use of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to dissolve the contamination naturally. It does not involve digging out but involves making a series of bore holes in the property to identify the location and the extent of the oil contamination. It is normally a faster process than digging out and it does not require the removal of material and, therefore, is less expensive.

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