Spilltech Environmental Ltd offers Professional Oil & Fuel Spill Cleaning across Ireland

Our Clients

As a professional oil spill cleaning company with years of experience, Spilltech Environmental Ltd offers an extensive range of oil cleaning services for clients in domestic, commercial, industrial, and public industries. From small home heating oil spills to large-scale public oil leaks, we do it all when it comes to removing oil and repairing damage. Read on below to find out how we can help rectify any oil or fuel leak on your property.

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Our Oil Spill Cleaning Clients Include:

Domestic Oil Spill Cleaning

 Whether your oil boiler has leaked or your vehicle has spilled oil on your driveway, we can help. We work on behalf of individuals and insurance companies to clean oil in a safe, timely, and efficient manner, helping you get your home back to its former glory as soon as possible.

Commercial & Industrial Oil Spill Cleaning

You can never predict when something is going to go wrong in your commercial or industrial property, which is why Spilltech Environmental Ltd provides commercial and industrial oil spill cleaning services for companies in all industries. We use bioremediation oil cleaning services to ensure a thorough, cost-effective, safe, and quick oil removal for all materials and properties.

Public Body Oil Spill Cleaning

With a proven track record for offering high-quality and reliable oil leak cleaning services, Spilltech Environmental Ltd works alongside a host of public bodies and councils to provide quick, fast, reliable, and cost-efficient biological oil removal services across all of Ireland.

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