Spilltech Environmental is the leading supplier oil spill control and oil spill maintenance products in Ireland and Europe. We offer top-quality oil spill products at very affordable prices and will always back them with the number one customer care and product expertise and advice. Whether you are dealing with a large industrial scale oil spill clean-up or a small chemical oil spill, our oil spill clean-up products are specially designed to help you respond to any type of spill effectively and quickly. Our vast range of products includes Agroremed for the restoration of petroleum contaminated soil, Spillremed Marine which is a clean-up solution for to marine oil pollution, and much more.

Oil Spill Cleaning Products

Spilltech Environmental Ltd remains one of Ireland’s best oil spill cleaning products providers. All our cleaning products are sourced from some of the world’s very best manufacturers. These products are carefully formulated to remove oil and pollutants from soil, the ground or water. What’s more, some of these products include products designed to remove the odour after a fuel spill.
These quality products help restore contaminated soil and water pollinated with dangerous substances like oil or fuel.
All our products are shipped to clients all over Ireland. Payments are taken directly through our highly secure website. Not sure what product is suitable for treating the oil spill on your property. Please contact our offices directly so our team can recommend the right product for your cleaning.

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Oil Spill Cleaning Products FAQ