What to Do when you Notice an Oil Spill

Have you noticed an oil spill or leak on your property? Get in contact with Spilltech Environmental Ltd today.

What to Do when you Notice an Oil Spill

As one of Ireland’s best oil spill cleaning companies, we have some of the most modern and effective oil spill cleaning procedures available. Our oil spill cleaning process helps to quickly remove oil, fuel and other pollutants from the soil.

If you notice an oil leak on your property, we recommend immediately taking the below steps:

Stop The Leak

First things first, identify the source of the leak. In a domestic property, leaks can be coming from an actual oil tank, from the fuel line, the oil range or even the oil boiler. Therefore it’s essential to check all these areas. Also, you need to understand the scale of the damage. How big is the affected area, has it spread to a neighbour’s property, etc.

Contact your insurance company

In most instances, damage to your home due to an oil leak is covered by your home insurance.

Call Spilltech as fast as possible

This is the most crucial step. We highly recommend getting in contact with us as soon as possible. Our customer service team is available right now and will get a team to respond to your emergency as quickly as possible.

If you see an oil spill, contact Spilltech Environmental Ltd today.

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